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Document Numbering

  • Labeling A computer generated label affixed to the bottom right hand corner of your original documents. Physically numbering your original documents will maintain the integrity of your discovery. Anyone who receives a copy of your documents will be able to cross reference with you faster and easier. This method is time consuming because you must physically hand place the labels on the page and make sure that the labels are not covering any text.,. This method also has one other problem. Once you number the originals your documents will not have a mound. Causing issues like boxing the documents and sliding.
  • Pagination Best option if you want your copies to have a numbering sequence. This process keeps your originals free from markups. While copying your documents, we will add your information to the bottom of your document, either on the left, center or right.

    Examples of document numbers:
    Da1, Da2, Da3 etc… or Pa1, Pa2, Pa3 etc…

Time Saving

Sending your copying projects to AMERICAN LEGAL will free up your staff to concentrate on more pressing issues. Your employee's time is valuable and having them stand at a copy machine making copies is not counter productive. We offer free pick up and delivery from our office to yours (within our service area). Therefore sending your employees out of the office to make copies and waste valuable time will be eliminated.


AMERICAN LEGAL can bill your adversary or another entity directly, using our 3rd party billing system. We will send a 3rd Party Billing Authorization Form to the other party. Upon acceptance of the billing terms and a sign agreement, we will pick up your documents, copy them and bill the other party. Therefore eliminating you from the billing process.

(3rd party Billing projects will not be started without a signed authorization and will not be delivered without payment in full if the party does not have an existing account).

Money Saving

To maintain your copy machine costs money. Those costs are passed on to your client in way of copy charges. Sending your copying projects to AMERICAN LEGAL is less expensive and will SAVE your client MONEY. All or most of the costs for our services are transferable to your client. Our prices include all preparation charges and no hidden fee's.

Customer Service

We are known for our outstanding customer service. When AMERICAN LEGAL first opened it's door in spring of 2000. We had 3 goals in mind. To provide our customers with outstanding customer service, high quality work and dependability. We have accomplish these goal and we are a company you can trust. We service the sole practitioner to the largest law firms. No matter what size or what type of law you practice. We are her to support all of your document needs.

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